Intro-Act is a financial technology company that combines machine learning analytics with workflow optimization software to make access events, such as non-deal roadshows (NDRs) and broker conferences, more efficient and actionable. Intro-act’s technology services the entire capital market,including corporates, investors and brokers.


Corporates set their event calendars and work with brokers to mass market these events to investors period

Traditional Model for Corporate Access


Process varies broker to broker, resulting in a lack of transparency when tracking campaign progress, and a lack of standards makes data difficult to aggregate and analyze.


There is limited follow-up post meeting from brokers (and corporates). Broker economics are based on quantity of meetings set up, rather than making matches.


Corporate executives meet with potential investors, many of whom are ill-prepared. Preparation for both corporates and investors is time consuming.


Intro-act uses machine learning to identify more likely matches between corporates, investors and brokers. Additionally, investors can efficiently request meetings on-demand.

Make Investable

In partnership with State Street, Intro-act can, in some cases, offer investors a price advantage by selling/soliciting blocks directly to/from corporates that have open facilities (i.e. buy-backs, ATMs, etc.).

Corporate Access USING INTRO-ACT


Intro-act enables corporates and participating brokers to track campaigns in real-time, as well as standardize, store and analyze access event data, which leads to better resource allocation.


Intro-act has integrated dashboards to help investors and corporates more efficiently prepare for meetings by quickly identifying themes, trends and outlier data that is most likely to warrant discussion.