Intro-act is a financial technology company that combines machine learning analytics with workflow optimization software to make access events,such as non-deal roadshows (NDRs) and broker conferences, more efficient and actionable. Intro-act's technology services the entire capital market,including corporates, investors and brokers.

Corporate Dashboard

  • Identify incremental new buyers, and better understand the factors that influence your shareholders.
  • Standardize event data and get real-time feedback from broker sponsored campaigns.
  • Improve resource allocation and simplify meeting preparation for both your executives, and your investors.
  • Track the independent research providers that are most influencing your investors.

Investor Dashboard

  • Promote idea generation and reduce unwanted meeting requests.
  • Get better access to relevant research providers and events that matter to you.
  • Request meetings on demand.
  • Streamline meeting preparation through simplified information access.

Broker & Research Provider Dashboard

  • Intro-act is your intelligent lead generation solution.
  • Market events and content more efficiently to the investors and corporates with the most interest.
  • Offer your domain expertise on a timely basis to the clients that are most in need of your advice.
  • Better understand your relative and absolute influence with real-time analytics to measure your impact.

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