Intro-act is an Intro-Blue service that reinvents corporate access in the post-MiFID II era.

The Problem

Traditional methods used by public companies to access institutional investors have bloated costs. Investors pay brokers >$3B annually for facilitating corporate access. Corporate executives spend 10% to 20% of their time meeting with investors, many of whom are incompatible. This process becomes a waste of time and money for both investors and corporations. MiFID II regulations aim to protect the common investor from overpaying, mandating that brokers can no longer charge to facilitate corporate access. But this solution exacerbates the problem as brokers no longer serve as a filter and corporate executives continue meeting with incompatible investors.

  • Corporations: Access events are expensive and time-consuming, and often lack purpose.
  • Investors: Overloaded with too many event invitations, meetings are accepted without interest or preparation
  • Broker/Independent Research Providers: Meetings are booked to get a commission, and with little concern for compatibility.

The Solution

Intro-Blue's machine learning prediction engine targets the most likely institutional buyers and sellers of a stock in the next 90 days, and offers independent research to promote efficiency and transparency throughout the corporate access and investment process.

Intro-Blue's services facilitate higher-quality meetings based on superior preparation for both investors and corporate executives because of centralized access to critical materials, including video, models, commissioned research, and agenda materials.

The result is converting meetings into investors and improving the ROI on corporate access.

Our Story

Intro-Blue's founders have over 50 years of experience (DLJ, Fidelity, First Call, OTR, Thompson Reuters) in capital markets, corporate access, and building investment research businesses. In 2016, co-founder Peter Wright and two Boston University professors investigated ways to apply machine learning to test whether all an investor needs to predict directionality of a stock is perfect knowledge of all buyers and all sellers, along with their size and influence. Initial testing showed that a specific investor's next trade of a given stock might be easier to predict than the price trend of that same stock.

Wright brought the idea to Bill Jenks, CEO of Blueshift Research, a primary research firm. They realized that a regulatory change (MiFID II) compels corporate investor relations to become increasingly responsible for servicing and growing their investor pool but with fewer resources. Intro-Blue was created to help corporations fill this void. We use machine learning to predict investor behavior, analyze factors influencing investment decisions, and provide independent research services for investors and corporate IR officers.



Bill Jenks

Bill Jenks, CEO - Built multiple independent research companies from the ground up, leading sales at OTR, Blueshift Research, DLJ, and First Call. Bill is responsible for corporate strategy, sales and marketing.

Peter Wright

Peter Wright, President of Intro-act - A career research analyst and Director of research, amd managing research and access products at Fidelity, CIBC Oppenhelmer, and Cantor. Peter is responsible for product vision, development and engagement.

Key Team Members

Anand Tharanipathy
Reverdy Johnson
Director of Research
Anne Cody
Director of Operations
Tony Bowers
Ken Nixon
Jim Ward

Notable Advisors and Investors

Stage One Ventures
Investors, Seed Investor
Laura Guerrant-Oiye
Advisor, Director
Mark Kon, PhD
Advisor, Director

Blueshift Research

Blueshift Research is an Intro-Blue service offering primary research for institutional investors and corporate executives. We are in the business of answering questions from that are controversial, unique, or under-discussed. Our pattern mining process considers three areas for unique information: quality, quantity, and independence of each piece of data. Our researchers are part investigative journalists, part trendsetter, part analyst. We believe our way of highlighting data and its independence can give clients a competitive advantage.