Corporate Access

Global and regional brokers have ccorporate Access teams that provide a full suite of consultative and logistics services to bring together institutional investors with corporate clients. Events range from sector-specific conferences, roadshows, industry expert events, conference calls to bespoke trips. The purpose of corporate access is to enable investors to conduct personalized primary research with the executives of a potential investment company. Post Regulation FD, corporate access has grown as a percentage of the total service offerings that brokers are able to monetize, as investors find it easier to get an information advantage in a person meeting, than merely consuming broker published research.

That said, brokers are essential to delivering a complete corporate access experience -- harnessing market expertise, trading desk capital markets knowledge and working relationships of their respective research and investment banking teams to ensure clients can achieve the maximum value from attending these events. The team can conduct shareholder analysis and recommend schedules, provide in-depth intelligence on prospective investors and be on-site during events to ensure smooth logistics.

Intro-act does not procure any corporate access meetings directly, rather we are an analytics company that supports brokers procure these meetings. In some cases, Intro-act supports corporate investor relations (IR) officer directly, or directed third-party IR firms, however, our services are limited to targeting and preparation services, not meeting procurement. Intro-act offers machine learning analytics on shareholders, market trends, market perceptions and potential IR opportunities.

Intro-act is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that matches corporate executives with the institutional investors that are most likely to buy, or sell, their stock in the next 90 days -- while simultaneously offering all users data discovery technologies to efficiently prepare for all types of corporate-investor access events.