Investor Deal Roadshow

A financial roadshow is a series of meetings across different cities in which top executives from a company have the opportunity to talk with current or potential investors. They can range from two or three days in one country or continent to marathon, three week trips to financial centers around the world. Topics discussed include strategy, financial trends, outliers in data that might be relative to a company's operating history, or relative to peers. At the end of the day investors want to learn two things from corporates:

  1. how does this specific company make money and
  2. how can investors make money investing alongside this specific company.

Intro-act does not procure any corporate access meetings directly, rather we are an analytics company that supports brokers procure these meetings. In some cases, Intro-act supports corporate investor relations (IR) officer directly, or directed third-party IR firms, however, our services are limited to targeting and preparation services, not meeting procurement. Intro-act offers machine learning analytics on shareholders, market trends, market perceptions and potential IR opportunities.

Intro-act is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that matches corporate executives with the institutional investors that are most likely to buy, or sell, their stock in the next 90 days -- while simultaneously offering all users data discovery technologies to efficiently prepare for all types of corporate-investor access events.